Advisory & Corporate Finance



The economic overlook has evolved substantially creating business opportunities for many parties. Whether you are buying or selling a business or exploiting an investment opportunity, it's always good to have an experienced advisor who knows how to optimize the value of a deal and mitigate any potential risk including taxes. Our advisory service is designed to meet your business objectives at the highest quality standards leaving no room for luck.


Merger and Acquisation services

Successful mergers and acquisitions start by defining an acquisition strategy and conducting a target search. Unfortunately, many reports on M&A deals failed to deliver the synergy as targeted previously. Thus at Associated Accountants, with our experience and business connections we employ validation framework over financial, operational and other matters that reveal the virtue of the M&A to insure the synergy is attained as planned and structure the deal to optimize the value at the end of each party in the M&A. 


Valuation services

There are many reasons why you might need this service. Valuation is your way to know what an asset or a liability worth. Before jumping to a decision to acquire a firm or its underlying asset, we can guide you to the intrinsic value of the target and outline the effect of such transaction to your overall business in terms of tax financial, operational and tax (Zakat) complications.

Services include:
  • M&A Business valuation
  • Impairment valuation
  • Dispute valuation
  • Fair value reporting “for financial statement reporting and disclosure”
  • Purchase price allocation “PPA”


Due Diligence

Rather than expressing an opinion on a financial statement through audit procedures; due diligence is not an audit but a wider scope that covers most of the company’s corners to uncover the statues of company’s financial position, operational matters to compliance matters. Due Diligence, is your window to understand the target company’s operation, financial figures and compliance matters. We can help you to understand the historical performance of the target through a comprehensive review and analysis of its financial, operational performance and legal compliance.


Feasibility studies

This service is designed to assist the client in their decision making process with regards to a potential investment opportunity. Penetrating a certain market without counting steps financially, economically and legally can be devastating; thus we here at Associated Accountants can help you to count the steps and limit the knowledge gap between you and the potential market. Those steps generally cover the macro and micro economic part, the market part, the technical part and the financial part. Eventually, the feasibility study can tell whether your idea is viable or not.


IPO readiness services

The IPO readiness service is designed to get your company ready for listing in the public market. This adding value service will guide your company to overcome the listing barriers. This will require the company to adopt substantial changes within its management structure, doing business and reporting requirement and overall company’s culture. It starts with to compare current company’s status with the target statues and develop a strategic plan to accomplish to attain the target status by analyzing and outlining the following:

  • Establishing Corporate governance map
  • Business reformation and reorganization
  • Management restructuring
  • Reporting and compliance reformation
  • Manage and coordinate the efforts towards the IPO “Leave it to us, we’ll manage”.
Associated Accountants also engage in other corporate and advisory services including:
  • Privet placement
  • Capital restructuring
  • Funding and financing arrangements 
  • Sales & purchase agreements
  • Transaction services