We are hiring
8 February, 2019
Our office is looking to hire new auditors within its current team. A candidate must have an exceptional character and knowledge in accounting and related accounting subjects. You may browse our career site and see where you fit there.
Hasan Othman VAT Summit Sales Tax
2 November, 2017
Join Mr. Hasan Othman (Executive Director, Associate Accountants) at SAP Summit on Sales Tax on November 13, 2017 at Marriott Riyadh as he will speak on 'Introduction to upcoming VAT & its implications.' Mr. Hasan Othman possess over 30 years of vast and varied experience in...
Associated Accountants to change their corporate logo
8 February, 2015
We always believe that, a change has to coincide with firm's objectives and growth plans. Associated Accountants has changed its logo to a simplified form consist to the initials of the Associated Accountants in upper case type. This formal shortening of the brand name will...